1995, Avon Books

London Times Bestseller; 14 publishers worldwide; 3 US book clubs, 2 UK book clubs; movie option: Crossroads Films

Undone, a riveting, erotically-charged thriller set in Maine, was published by Avon Books in October 1995. Rights to the novel were subsequently purchased by publishers in 11 countries. When the novel was released in Great Britain, it made the top ten London Times bestseller list, where it remained for two months. In Ireland, it rose to number one.

Publishers Weekly has called the novel "electrifying." Bookscapes proclaimed it "a monster of a read." 

Sydney Sunday Telegraph deemed it "one of the best murder-mystery thrillers of this or any other season."

And Stephen King has called the novel "sly, sexy, suspenseful . . . and very, very moving."


“Electrifying.” — Publishers Weekly

“A monster of a read . . . one of those books that is almost impossible to put down.” — Bookscapes

“The sort of book you think about during the day and can't wait to settle back into at night. It's sly, sexy, suspenseful . . . and very, very moving.” — Stephen King
“One of the best murder-mystery thrillers of this or any other holiday season. It fairly sizzles off the page.”  — Sydney Sunday Telegraph

“A taut, heart-thumping, riveting thriller. As books go, this one is brutal. Original, arousing and disturbing . . . one gem of a crime thriller.” — Maine Sunday Telegram

“Supercharged . . . an edgy delight. Kimball plots far more generously than any noir writer.” — Kirkus Reviews 

“Knee-trembling episodes of a high order . . . a genuine gripper.” — Literary Review

“One of those rare treats, a classic puzzle revealed a piece at a time.” — Charlotte Observer
“A superb twist on the perfect crime scam. A haunting and moving story of suspense from a skilled American writer.”  — West Lancashire Evening Gazette

“Virtuosic.” — Bruce Allen, Portfolio

“A perfect whodunnit.” — Edgar Allen Beem, Maine Times

“A real page turner. A sexy, psychological suspense filled with twists and turns.” — Library Journal

“A stunner. As brilliantly assembled as a Swiss watch and as sharp as a Swiss knife. Mesmerising.” — Liverpool Post 

“An absorbing tale of love, disloyalty, and betrayal. A provocative, entertaining thriller.” — St. Petersburg Pinellas News

“This slick and tightly-twisting tale establishes Kimball as one of the finest new exponents of the classic thriller.” — London Express

“A psychological thriller that will keep you awake all night.” — Albuquerque Journal

“A dark tale of betrayal, lust, and revenge.” — San Antonio Express News    

“The plot of Undone is practically the work of an arachnid, precise and elegant. A pulse-pounding book.” — Brunswick Times-Record

“An atmospheric, stylish, sexy American thriller of double and triple crosses.” — Bracknell & Wokingham News Extra

“As cunning as they come.” — London Daily Mail
“A real cold-sweat suspense story.” — Peterborough Evening Telegraph

“An electrifying novel of murder, betrayal and psychological suspense.” — Darlington Northern Echo

“Will keep you up into the small hours.” — Newcastle Upon Tyne Evening Chronicle

“Dark and riveting, Undone is pure noir. Kimball’s writing is charged with atmosphere and tension, and his pacing is electric, right up to the explosive ending. A winner.” — Portsmouth Herald

“A frightening and extremely clever suspenseful drama reminiscent of some of the classic thirties’ movies.” — Ed’s Internet Book Review

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