Full-Length Plays


A “Father Knows Best” family, sheltered in 1962 suburbia, tries to maintain their innocence during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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Patience Boston

A true colonial crime drama about a Native American servant convicted of murder in 1730s York, Maine, and the Puritan minister who seeks her salvation.

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Ghosts of Ocean House

Everyone has ghosts. You just never know when they’ll find you. (Edgar Award nomination)

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The Swiss Family Robinson meets the Sopranos.

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I Fall For You

A few short plays about love & romance.

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Best Enemies

Two cowboys marooned on a desert island institute a system of laws, but ultimately go to war over their shared cowboy hat.

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The Secret of Comedy

A humorist struggles to lead her family and friends through the 5 stages of grief while she’s still alive.

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On a frigid November morning in 1652, two powerful men met in York Harbor, Maine. They struggled over the fate of a city, a colony, and the soul of a new nation.

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Santa Come Home

How do dysfunctional families celebrate Christmas? As if you didn’t know.

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